Rates & Turnaround

We strive to provide our clients with their greatest translation value. Our pricing is both reasonable and competitive, and all work performed by human translators.

Minimum charge

1hr or less

50-100 words

1 hour or less!

Short memos and letters

1 day

1,000 word documents

1-2 days

2,000 word documents

1-2 days

2,000 words plus

we can accommodate your schedule!

A firm quotation can be provided once we have reviewed the specific material to be translated, job size, and other project requirements.

File Formats

We can accept virtually all file formats including standard working file Microsoft Word for Windows, PDF’s, Quark / Photoshop/CS Illustrator/ InDesign etc. Formats such as PowerPoint, Excel, and others can also be accommodated.

We can receive your original materials in digital file format electronically by e-mail, as e-mail file attachments. FTP/Drop Box and and all web based file sharing sevices are accepted. Completed jobs can be formatted and delivered as needed. Please contact us today to discuss your Language translation needs, or request a quote online.

Tight Budgets & Deadlines

By having translation and design experts on staff we can streamline the production process. We ensure quick turnaround time, quality and cost efficiency.

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